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From the moment that your child is off to their first day of elementary school, life as you have known it will change.  The confidence in your child as they step up and into the bus, the no looking back at mom or dad, the slight wave through the window and the enormous smile of accomplishment gives you the first indicators that your child is on their way.  You have given them the tools to start their schooling - they know colors, numbers, letters and sounds and they may even be starting to read.  They are excited and ready and you proud, but a little teary because he grew up so quickly. 

The time has come and you have entrusted the good folks of Incline Elementary School with your most valuable and treasured asset - your child. This is a privilege and an honor that the teachers, staff and administrators take quite seriously.   The educating of young minds is the most significant undertaking and responsibility a teacher can have with results that last a lifetime.  

Elementary teachers are a special group of people - they have a passion and a love for children that is unmatched.  They take pride in every accomplishment of a child and feel the pain of any bump in the road a child may have.  Elementary teachers are nurturers, friends, supporters and cheerleaders for each student; there is something about every child that is special and they know that.

We are fortunate at Incline Elementary School to have a fabulous and caring bunch of individuals that strive to make the elementary school experience the best it can be for the students.  By partnering with the parent, grandparent or caregiver of each child, the success that the student can have is limitless.  Questions, comments and concerns can be discussed with a teacher or administrator, feel free to call or email them directly.

Visit for information about the great things happening in Science at Incline Elementary School.

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In their own words...

"Living in a small town has been an all around great experience, with our son benefitting through the experiences and knowledge of many amazing teachers.", More quotes...

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